With an expected 8 billion inhabitants by the year 2030 and a doubling of the world population in 50 years, the world has an ever increasing number of inhabitants to shelter and to feed. Polyurethanes offer performance qualities which make life better, safer and more comfortable.

Apart from society’s benefits stemming from economic growth secured by the industry activities and environment protection, polyurethanes help to ensure a substantial level of satisfaction of essential needs, comfort and safety in everyday life.

It is widely recognized that sleep is essential for an active life and, in general, humans spend one third of their lives asleep. Sufficient and good quality sleep is necessary to concentrate on our jobs and on our education. The firmness of polyurethane mattresses is optimized, and an increased use of visco-elastic foams, « memory foams », optimizes the quality of sleep and improves the life of people suffering from back problems. Special reticulated foams are used for mattresses for long-term bedridden patients in homes and in hospitals.

Polyurethane foam gives furniture designers the possibility of creating attractive designs, that combine the basics of ergonomics with clear and appealing shapes and the highest quality, both at home in the office. There is a large degree of freedom for design, and the possibility of integrating supporting parts within the foam opens up new and more cost-effective ergonomic solutions at work that further support economic productivity.

Many types of polyurethanes in transport applications combine comfort properties with safety. Examples are steering wheels, fascias and other components in the passenger compartments of cars such as air bags that altogether ensure body protection and reduce significantly the severity of personal damages during impacts.

In other words, through the production of useful, high-quality products, polyurethanes not only benefit the environment and the economy, but also the lives of those who use them: a true win-win situation.