The outstanding insulating properties and easy processability of polyurethane rigid foam results in highly energy-efficient appliances which can be produced in automated processes and are light and strong.

Polyurethane rigid foams are inhibiting the unwanted movement of heat or cold while being light and needing little space. Almost all refrigerators and freezers, domestic, commercial or professional produced in the world are insulated with these foams and this enables the amount of stored food to be maximized.

Polyurethane rigid foam is an excellent heat insulator, and in hot-water storage tanks ensure long term hot water heat retention, by that significantly reducing the demand to heat for maintaining the temperature while optimizing space demand. Coupled with solar energy panels, polyurethane insulated water heaters and insulated pipes provide highly energy efficient solutions to hot water supply.

These appliances are now designed for using less energy, thus benefiting the environment and costing less to operate. The contribution of the insulating foam means that ever more stringent energy standards can be met and the benefits passed on to the consumer.