The Communication on Green Public Procurement (GPP) reviews voluntary actions that Member States’ public authorities can take to reduce the environmental impact of the goods and services they purchase.

It sets non-binding criteria to establish common GPP criteria, the political target, and the recommended tools to improve the national procurement process.

Criteria on product groups such as Construction, Transport, Furniture, Windows, Glazed Doors & Skylights, Thermal insulation, Wall Panels, have already been established. The Commission is currently working on additional criteria of possible interest including office buildings.

ISOPA Position

  • Expects the common GPP criteria to be fully in line with the concept of sustainable development and Sustainable Public Procurement, which means that besides environmental aspects, also economic and social aspects and the product’s function are taken into account in a cradle-to-grave approach along the supply chain.
  • Insists that ‘green’ public procurement consistently applies well-defined criteria based on sound scientific evidence, takes a full life-cycle perspective, and remains sufficiently flexible to drive product development by adopting a risk-based approach rather than restricting chemicals on the basis of their classification alone
  • Insists that criteria derived from voluntary schemes such as Ecolabelling remain voluntary under GPP.